Copacabana SLSC

September 2021

No lockdown or pandemic will stop the return of the warmer weather, and that means that people will be heading for the beach. For Copa SLSC and our members, it’s not clear how the season will start, but we are certainly preparing as though the season will be ‘business as usual’ (with back-up plans) for Patrols and Nippers.

That said, there is no greater need than to connect with people at this time and that is exactly what the club provides the Copa community. This year, more than ever, we want everyone to feel part of something that’s meaningful and valued by many. If you ever thought about joining us ‘one-day’, make it today….make it this season. We want Copa SLSC to remain a strong and central community leader in Copacabana and it’s the people, new and old at the centre of that focus.

Registrations this year are:

Sunday Sept 5 @ 1-3pm

Friday Sept 10 @ 6-8pm

Sunday Sept 12 @ 10-12pm

We have our first big event planned for Sunday Sept 12 – it is the Copa Amazing Race. Families will be able to use their own car and plot the course using clues and riddles to find the treasure and win the race. It will be followed up by a presentation at the club.

We’ve not run an event like this for many years and they were always good fun. Of course, it is wholly reliant on the restriction level on that date (so many fingers are crossed).

Volunteer with us

  • We are looking to build our volunteer bar roster and will be running an RSA course soon. If you have not had any experience, that’s fine, we are just after 4-5 hrs ever 4-6 weeks.

  • If you’re a numbers person, we need a capable bookkeeper to be our Director of Finance.

  • We also have different ‘assistant’ roles that could suit you too if you are interested.

If you have any questions or might be interested in joining us this season, please contact Briohny Kennedy at

Adam Richards


update JUNE 2021

The end of the season provides everyone with a chance to take a deep breath, wind down and acknowledge the many people who have helped us meet our obligations on the beach. The break will be short lived however as we review the year against our club goals, and assess how we came out of an unprecedented ‘Covid’ affected season.

One of the most important parts of a successful season debrief is celebrating what we have achieved as a club and that happened at our Senior Presentation night at the end of May - the first club social event in 18 months (woo-freakin-hoo) Our Nippers will celebrate their season at the Junior Presentation on Sunday June 6 and as those kids immerse themselves into winter sports, we will be preparing for our AGM on Sunday July 4. With that, the new Committee will start preparations for next season, and it all starts again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people, starting with our dedicated volunteers - beach, bar, Extended and Executive Committees. It also gives me great satisfaction to thank the Copacabana community who showed the club fantastic support this past 6 months. Thanks to new visitors, some who became new members, as well as those families who enjoyed Friday Weekenders each week.

The Change Property team who contributed to the success of those nights deserve a special mention too. You all played a big part in getting Copa Surf Club through a tough season.

Our club values feedback from our members, and the community

we protect.

If you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to share with our management team, please send it through our dedicated feedback point at   

Stay well everyone and we hope to see you at our monthly Weekenders - Live and local events. All that info and more available on our website.

Warm Regards....

Adam Richards

March 2021

The busy period of our surf season has now passed and we are happy to say we just scraped through. The holiday period is always the most difficult with patrolling members and bar crew away. We are incredibly appreciative of those who stepped up and got us through and we are over the moon with the new faces doing their Bronze and IRB proficiencies.

We have had a great run lately - the beach has been virtually incident free so far - I think we have had more incidents in the shop area :-) and it has been great to welcome the new ‘regulars’ that have enjoyed Week-Enders with us. The recent Branch Carnival was another success for the young Nippers of the Central Coast, but especially for the club who put together the best event we possibly could. With so few opportunities to gather as a community we have really appreciated those few events that bring people together for a bit of hard work and plenty of laughs.

I recently attended a program through NSWSLS and UNSW that focused on the needs of volunteers: Autonomy - the freedom to exercise choice; Belonging - Connecting with others and Competence - the feeling of being capable. It was good to be able to relate those concepts to some of the intentional directions the club is taking. We want our members to feel like they belong to something important and to be proud of that connection. If they choose to be part of our beach safety program, we want to provide them with the confidence in themselves to contribute to
public safety.

The autonomous part is more about leadership and providing individuals with an opportunity to express their ideas and have input into the type of club we want. It was insightful and educational and I am pleased that our Committee has been moving in similar directions this past one and a half seasons.

Looking ahead - and hopefully including the rest of the Copa community - we are preparing for a return to live music at the club over the winter months. Week-Enders will continue until the end of April and then monthly ‘Week-Enders - Live and Local’. We are also looking forward to again collaborating with the CCA, the RFS and the school for the Anzac Day Dawn Service.

We still have a few months of the patrol season to go, and the doors won’t close when the season ends.

All the very best.


Adam Richards


Join us on Friday afternoons from 5pm - 9pm at the Surf Club. All welcome. BAR OPEN, light catering for the adults and sausage sizzle for the kids. 

‘Live & Local’ sessions happen once a month.

December 2020

After a slow Covid start, Copacabana SLSC is starting to find that strong forward momentum we need. The backbone of the club, our patrolling members, are on the beach and providing the safety we have come to expect. 

New Director of Surf Lifesaving Paul Robinson has done a lot of work in the background to prepare the team and do the necessary planning we require these days to operate safely. The Age Managers are putting Nippers (and some brave parents) through their paces and Friday afternoon Week-Enders is drawing a crowd - all of which have the often laborious but essential social safety measures in place. 

The Change Property team has always been a great supporter of our club, be it knocking out their famous burgers at Week-Enders or just helping where they can, and this year we are pleased to announce they have become a key sponsor of the club. Thanks Deb and Trudy for your unfailing support of Copa Surf Club.

This season, we have reintroduced the ‘Copacabana SLSC Boardriders’ as part of our Nippers program. There has always been a strong relationship between ‘clubbies’ and surfers.


Boardriders often find themselves providing assistance to troubled swimmers by simply being on the spot at the right time. Acknowledging this; Angelo, Damon and Jonas are entwining surfing competition with the learning programs offered by Surf Life Saving. If the swell gods look after us, we are certain the program will be a great success.

We are stoked to have Briohny Kennedy join our Executive Committee as the Director of Administration. Briohny brings a strong business mind that will complement the team nicely. Briohny’s appointment provides Michael Magriplis with the opportunity to step into our new role of Vice-President, People and Culture. The club introduced the new position this year to focus on members, community and developing a club culture that we all enjoy. 

Our goal going forward is to enjoy a simple, safe and stress-free summer, and wish the same for you all as well. Have a wonderful Christmas and we hope to see you on the beach or up on the balcony.  




Adam Richards


September 2020

It's fair to say there will be a few changes for this upcoming season, and we are proud of the work being done in preparation for the summer ahead. In dealing with the things we know, it is likely there will be some form of variation to ‘business as usual’ for both Patrols and the Nipper program. Sadly, for our social calendar too.

What we know for certain is that people will still be using the beach, and the ocean has no appreciation for social distancing. Our Vice President, Smudge Smith has put in some clever strategies to maintain our commitment to beach safety, and Director of Junior Activities Jo Fraser, has been creative in developing a program for the kids that will be fun and safe, and that responsibly meets the required and variable restrictions.


Lastly, did you know that it takes over 40 people to run the club each season? If ever you had thought about getting involved in your community there is no better time than this coming season at Copa SLSC. We have roles both on the beach, and totally away from the beach, and the more we have the easier and more enjoyable the work is. If you have any questions regarding the club, please reach out to either Michael at or Adam at 0409830790.


Otherwise, if you are down on the beach come and say hi to us this season. We have all been relatively disconnected for the past 6 months and it will be great to see both new and familiar faces. Stay safe, keep smiling and bring back the warm weather.




Adam Richards

June 2020

As the sign reminds us, right now our club is ‘socially distant’. For anyone who belongs to a community volunteer group such as surf clubs; board-riders; residents’ groups (such as the CCA and the Men’s shed); fire services - being distant is the exact opposite of why we join. The immediate benefit of being a member is the sense of belonging and connection and clearly, we are unable to harness that at the moment.

Sadly, it may be some time before that full and complete feeling of connection returns. Whether you are a member of a formal organisation, or just a collective of folks who regularly hang out together, you could be feeling a bit lost, a tad low, a smidge uncertain and possibly somewhat lonely. They are all completely understandable emotions - take some comfort that you are not alone. As we are given approval to spend a bit more time together, it will be tempting to drop our guard which, should limitations or restrictions return, make things that much harder. Which brings me to my point...


We have folks in our small community who are already struggling with uncertainty. That can readily lead to anxiety and fear amongst people who are unsupported. Please reach out to one another and even to those you may see but rarely connect with. Just a wave and a nod can be enough for someone to feel less alone. 

I will admit that I am struggling to see the best way for Copa Surf club to support the wider Copa community at this point in time. If you are an ‘ideas person’, please feel comfortable reaching out with any thoughts. Our members are currently unable to use the facilities and we have not been able to hold the usual season celebrations and events that we all look forward to. These are on our radar for our members. However, I know the club can, at the appropriate time, play a big part in helping reconnect people. My contact details and those of our Executive are all available on the website so give us a call if you have a suggestion.

Until things return to ‘normal’, our committee is planning for next season, hoping it will be ‘business as usual’ (we know it won’t be - but it feels better to be optimistic). We are doing some mind-blowingly cool things like Strategic Planning and Executive Committee restructures. Seriously, you’ve just gotta have a go at this stuff once in your life (trust me once is plenty :-) More honestly, we do have a bunch of volunteers that our club could not function without - there would literally be no club. From the patrolling members who keep the beach safe (assisted ably by many surfers) to the Nippers crew who provide the kids with opportunities to learn about the ocean, the special needs Rockpool Rockstars program, those that feed and water us, those that train us and those that fix us when we are injured. Thank you to each of you.

Lastly, an important milestone in any organisation is the acknowledgment of a new Life Member. Doug ‘Dougy’ Gill has achieved this honour in our club this year. For anyone who doesn’t know Doug, he is a fierce competitor, a true sportsman and a beautiful man. Congratulations to Doug, who at 79 continues to inspire (and embarrass) us all.


Be well everyone, stay safely connected and take care.  



February 2020

Copa Surf Club and our valued volunteers are finally catching our collective breath after a super-busy holiday period. On Feb 2 we hosted the Central Coast Branch Carnival welcoming approximately 900 nippers from all over the coast. It was great seeing so many kids having a red hot go and giving the numerous events their best. What was also rewarding for our club was the large group of parents who joined the age managers and committee to set up and pack down the beach. It was a huge effort by many and showed the kind of community spirit we need to build and strengthen the club. Another recent highlight was Australia Day with great weather, awesome crowds and no dramas. It was a perfect patrolling day.

The stronger we can make Copacabana SLSC, the safer the beach will be and the more ways we can support the community. An example of this is our Community Yoga on Wednesdays at 8am. We have partnered with local Yoga instructors who offer the classes free of charge. Community Yoga is an opportunity to thank those who support us as a club.

The Jaws Bistro was a wonderful success with good numbers of diners most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and its likely we will look to do the same again next season. Our volunteer Bar Crew flew the flag for us over this busy summer.

As always, WeekEnders will continue each Friday and the first Friday each month we will run Week Enders - Live and Local. If we can build a decent following we will consider continuing through the winter months. Meanwhile, the season continues and patrols are at their post. 

Finally, it is appropriate to acknowledge the hard work and subsequent losses to a fellow volunteer movement. The RFS provided many volunteer hours over the summer period, many more than would usually be required. For that we acknowledge their commitment and their efforts, as well as the sacrifices of their families as they give up their time with loved ones. Sadly, some of those loved ones were lost whilst performing their duties, and for that no words are sufficient. To all who volunteer to support their communities, we salute you all. 

Stay safe... 

Adam Richards


December 2019

There is no doubt a surf club compares to that old analogy of a swan swimming on a pond – it can look graceful on top but underneath those feet are paddling like mad. If I applied that to our club at this present time, we would be more duck than swan and those feet would be something ‘Thorpie’ would be proud of.


Copacabana SLSC is in a rebuilding stage. We are rebuilding our culture, our strategic direction, and with some good fortune, rebuilding parts of our club. Achieving change as many would know takes time and significant effort and that is what everyone involved in Copa Surf Club is contributing in spades at the moment. It is both rewarding and reassuring that there are new faces appearing (and reappearing) in the club ranks.


In our core business we also have a lot to share. We have a solid patrol culture at Copa and the patrols have got off to a strong start this season. We are keen to introduce another patrol by the end of the season and the Bronze Medallion course for anyone who is interested in learning how to patrol will start Jan 22. The training and camaraderie is what most of us join the club for and that was evident in a recent event when a member of the public collapsed in the street. The skills of our lifesavers were called upon that day and it has prompted us to propose another Community CPR session for Dec 7. CPR is such a valuable skill and we have highly qualified members (and professionals) keen to teach anyone who is willing. Details on our website but we must insist that you register so we know how many instructors we require (some needing to swap work shifts to attend)


On the social front, our Friday afternoon ‘Week-Enders’ is going from strength to strength and we have added a ‘Week-Enders – live and local’ session once a month to bring live music back to Copa. Its great to see our members and their guests wind down each week up on the balcony. Looking ahead, we have a pop-up bistro being run through January. If you have ever wanted to volunteer in our club but were never quite sure were to start, we are seeking willing RSA bar staff to help during that busy month (and beyond if you wish)


Otherwise, the beach is safe and we continue on our journey of change and improvement. We are always happy to hear from the community in how we can do things better so reach out to myself with any constructive feedback. On behalf of Copa SLSC and its members, I take this opportunity to wish all of Copa the happiest and safest of Christmas periods. 


Adam Richards


DATES for your diary:


  Community CPR – Saturday Dec 7, at 2pm (2hrs with bar open after)

  ‘Jaws’ Bistro: Dec 26 – Jan 25, 5-9pm, Friday to Sunday

  Bronze Medallion Course – Starts on Wednesday Jan 22


Join us on Friday afternoons from 5pm - 9pm at the Surf Club. All welcome. BAR OPEN, light catering for the adults and sausage sizzle for the kids. 

‘Live & Local’ sessions happen once a month.

September 2019

As the new season approaches we say thank you to outgoing President Jo Fraser for her past 3 years service. Jo remains on as our Junior Activities Coordinator, looking after the Nipper program for this season.
Posted 31st August 2019

The club has many facets - beach patrols, Nippers and the wider community, and we have placed renewed focus in each of these important areas. We have a strong beach operation and our patrolling members will continue to keep our beautiful - and occasionally dangerous - beach safe again this summer.

Nippers will see the return of some old favourites - floating pontoons, the Great Copa Car Rally and a focus on developing future lifesavers. As parents we all want our kids to understand the dangers in our own backyard. Copa SLSC will teach awareness and understanding of the beach and the ocean as a priority to our young Nippers, at the same time providing peace of mind to parents.

We serve the wider Copacabana community and we extend an invite to you all to connect with Copa SLSC. There is a place for everyone at the club. We look forward to seeing you all either on the beach, at one of our fundraisers or maybe just on Friday afternoons having a weekly wind-down at ‘Weekenders’.

Don’t forget these key dates:

Member Registration – Fri Sept 6 (5:30 -7:30pm), Sun Sept 8 (3-5pm) & Sat Sept 14 (3-5pm)

The Great Copa Car Rally – September 14 at 2pm 

Flags up – September 28

Nippers starts – October 13


Adam Richards

June 2019

A vital part of the Copa community Posted 1st June 2019


After nearly six thousand hours of beach patrols by more than eighty members of the Surf Lifesaving Club, the flags are down and the season is officially over until October. The beach is patrolled from October to April, allowing us all to enjoy those wonderful waves and warm days for much of the year - so much a part of the Copa lifestyle. 


Patrol members have given up their weekends and public holidays to ensure our safety in the water and the CCA and the whole community is very grateful to them and the Club.


The Surf Lifesaving Club will be holding their AGM on June 30 at 3pm at the Club. All old and new members are welcome to attend. If you and your family are looking to get involved in the local community and help to provide an essential service here at Copa then go along and hear about the many roles the Club has to offer. You can take a look at their website for more information about roles and responsibilities.
Go to:


Another way to support Copacabana SLSC is to host your next function there: be it a wedding, engagement, birthday celebration or some other special event, you can’t get a better location and view of the beach.  Please contact the Club’s Event Co-ordinator at to arrange an inspection or for more information.


The CCA would like to thank the SLSC and President Jo Fraser in particular for playing an essential role in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service. From helping with set-up to participating in the ceremony, the Surf Lifesaving Club was involved from the early hours until the end of the service.  Jo read The Ode from For the Fallen & the Club laid a wreath alongside members of the Copa community and representatives from veterans’ groups. 


We highly value the contribution the team at Copacabana SLSC makes to Copa life and like them, look forward to seeing you ‘between the flags’ next year.

March 2019


What a great start to the year!


Our volunteers having already spent over 1000 hours patrolling the beach. This summer holiday season we saw record crowds on the beach with no major incidents. On Christmas Day we asked our patrol members to assist in patrolling the beach front. Thank you to the amazing crew of people that were able to give up some of their day with family and friends to patrol on Christmas Day. Whilst our patrol members have been busy watching our beachfront, some of our members also offered up their Sunday on February 3rd to patrol The Entrance Beach. Thank you to those members who were able to offer their time, it was greatly appreciated. .


This Rockstars program is for our local children and their families who have physical and mental limitations and diversities. The Copacabana Rockpool RockStars Program is a revised Nippers program that has been created to run along side our regular Nippers to give our RockStars the chance to be on the beach with their friends and family experiencing what is an important aspect of our beach lifestyle and culture. Ensuring they too feel valued members of our community.


The funds raised by the Taste & Tunes night held in September has been used to bring this program to life and having expensive equipment donated from local businesses like Flooring Xtra makes it even more amazing for the kids!

The Nipper season is coming to an end with our last week being a twilight session before the kids head to State Carnival in Swansea/Belmont on the 1/2/3 March. We wish all the kids the best of luck and lots fun. On February 3rd our Nippers attended Branch Carnival. We had a great day and were able to bring home the bronze medal for the All Age Relay - well done team. Not only are the Nippers busy competing at carnival, we also had Doug compete at Branch Carnival coming away with a couple of medals in his events. Well done Doug, amazing effort. 

This year we introduced the Rockpool Rockstars Inclusive program, which allowed 6 kids to participate as Nippers. They have all had a great season and built some comfort around the beach and water. We would like to thank all the age managers of the Nippers and members of the community who partnered up with our Rockstars. It would not be possible without all these volunteers offering up their time every Sunday morning. A special thank you to Upstairs Wines, Flooring Xtra and Avoca Butcher for their donations to make this program possible. 


We have been very fortunate to have received funding from the state government to continue with improvements to our club. In February we were presented with a cheque for $34,000, which will allow us to upgrade the Del Monte Drive roller door, refurbish the gym for our members, complete painting the interior and many other improvements. We are truly thankful for this funding and to Adam Crouch who continues to provide support to get these much needed funds to our club and community. 

On February 4th our Nippers went to Branch Carnival at Soldiers Beach. It was a great turnout to support Copacabana Junior Lifesaver, Zane Hartwell, along with the rest of the branch representatives. Well done Zane and thank you for representing our club. 


In January the club hosted the 3rd and final round of Newcastle Permanent Iron Person. It was a great day with beautiful conditions to start the day, turning very cold with a southerly that blew in at 11am, making conditions challenging for the older age groups. This was a very successful day for competitors and our club. Thank you again to all the volunteers in the club who assisted in making the running of the day seamless, it was greatly appreciated.

We have some exciting activities coming up for the community:

  • Weekenders every Friday night 4-8pm upstairs. Come along with family and friends, enjoy a refreshing drink whilst enjoying some dinner which is prepared by our volunteers. There is a different menu each week. 

  • AGM will be held on the 30th June at the Surf Club. All welcome.


welcomes children to our Nippers program

great way to foster team spirit and camaraderie. It’s also a good way for parents to get to know other families, especially if they are new to Copa. Artie’s Place can sell you a great coffee or bacon and egg roll to enjoy while you watch the kids do their stuff.

To find out more about registering your child for Nippers, contact Michael Magriplis, Director Member Services on or our Junior Activities Coordinator Michelle Strode at:


Every Sunday morning from October to March, you will see a group of excited youngsters down at the beach participating in Copa Nippers program with kids from their own age group and the broader Nippers squad groups. 

Nippers is for children aged 5yrs+ at September 30 (i.e. if your child is aged 9, they will be in the U10 group). It’s a fun way for kids to learn about beach safety and get involved in a healthy, outdoor activity with their peers. They can also participate in surf competitions and interact with kids from other local surf clubs. 

There are three Club Championship /Point Score sessions throughout the season for U8 to U14 age groups, where points are recorded for each child in each event and the best two point score days results are used to award age champion titles. 

These point score days are also used for team selections for carnivals.  U6 and U7 age groups also participate in point score days and are awarded place ribbons on the day.  However these age groups are not awarded age championships – because they’re all “Champions” of course!

Nippers runs from 9:00 to 10:00am with parent / guardian sign-ins by 8.45am. During the season there are “Twilight” Nippers on a Saturday afternoon.

The Nippers program focuses on both surf education and fun and is a

November 2018



On Sunday 4th November the first Copacabana SLSC Inclusive Nippers Program was held and was a great success.


This Rockstars program is for our local children and their families who have physical and mental limitations and diversities. The Copacabana Rockpool RockStars Program is a revised Nippers program that has been created to run along side our regular Nippers to give our RockStars the chance to be on the beach with their friends and family experiencing what is an important aspect of our beach lifestyle and culture. Ensuring they too feel valued members of our community.


The funds raised by the Taste & Tunes night held in September has been used to bring this program to life and having expensive equipment donated from local businesses like Flooring Xtra makes it even more amazing for the kids!


October 2018



Surf Life Saving is a great activity for growing a child's confidence, knowledge and skills in the beach environment. Not only will your child have fun and meet new friends, they will become part of an iconic organisation that has served the Australian community for over 100 years.

Nippers is a fun way for children aged 5 to Under 14 to enjoy the beach in a safe environment. The Junior Development Program is designed to ensure children have fun at the beach while participating in lessons that will give them a pathway to becoming a fully rounded participant in both lifesaving and sport.


You can register at Nippers on Sunday mornings before each lesson from 8.30am. The season runs from October to March.


To see membership fees and to find out more please visit the Copa SLSC website HERE

This video courtesy of Surf Life Saving NSW


The flags on the beach are raised. Patrols started on 29 Sept 2018. 


We have 8 patrols this year made up of dedicated, trained and proficient volunteer surf lifesavers. You will see them setting up on the beach every Saturday and Sunday morning (and public holidays) and also around the surf club getting the ATV (vehicle with the fat tyres that goes on the sand!) and the IRB equipment (the orange rubber boat!) ready. If you are having a coffee or a bite to eat at the cafe come over and say hi to our patrolling members - they volunteer their time to keep us safe on the beach. Our Director of Surf Lifesaving this season is Gordon Smith aka “Smudge” who runs a very coordinated beach patrol program and is one of our valuable IRB trainers.



Surf Lifesaving NSW has introduced a new membership category for all surf clubs across NSW - as a result Copacabana SLSC has introduced this new category this season - Community Membership for people who would like to contribute to the surf lifesaving movement but might be unable to participate in beach sports as such. Surf Life Saving is a not for profit organisation which supports the community with volunteers on the beach every weekend & public holidays. We aim to ensure that our beach goers are safe and educated on where to swim while enjoying the varying waters of Copacabana beach.


Our surf club needs support from the community in volunteer roles 

Whether you are doing a course to help on the beach or working in the bar or another area around the club or supporting our young Nippers crew - all are welcome to come and see what it is all about.

One of the valuable activities we offer is our surf lifesaving training courses held at the surf club. Ash Capps is our Director of Education and with our team of local trainers he is about to start some new training courses in October for Bronze medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate and other courses. If you are interested email Ash at: or drop down to the club on one of our rego days to connect with us and find out more.


On most Sundays the Nippers run a BBQ where you can grab a yummy bacon and egg or sausage sandwich to start your day....all profits from the BBQ go towards assisting our young Nippers with equipment and to compete in surf carnivals.


For further information on any of our club activities or to find out how to get involved feel free to contact our Director of Administration: Fiona Duignan on or jump onto our website or Facebook page.


We look forward to seeing you around the club and beach this year.

May/June 2018

Thank you to the community for observing the red and yellow flags and choosing Copacabana beach to enjoy your summer. This season we performed successful rescues and our volunteer patrolling members devoted numerous hours of their time to keep Copacabana Beach safe on the weekends. The Executive Committee of Copacabana Surf Life Saving Club would like to thank all the patrol members who volunteered their time on the beach over the season….it is greatly appreciated. The surf lifesaving season is officially closed for the winter. It’s a timely

reminder that we still continue to provide aquatic rescue services in supporting NSW Police through emergency call outs. We have a group of volunteers who are on our emergency callout team for Copacabana SLSC. We sincerely hope their services will not be required throughout

the off season.

In early May we held our Junior awards presentation which was very well attended by our local families and their Nippers. Awards for our young people included: Nipper of the Year, Surf Lifesaver of the Year and Rookie of the Year. Our younger Nippers were very proud of the medals and trophies they received for their efforts! In late May we will have our Senior Awards presentation which will recognise the achievements of members throughout the 2017/18 surf lifesaving season.

Our AGM was held in June/July this year. We have roles across our club in a range of areas to either operate or oversee surf life saving programs or to support these programs via administrative work, fundraising help and social activity coordination. Many hands make light work. So if you are interested, all you need to do is become a club member and nominate at the AGM. We encourage you to join our Surf Life Saving Club to share the benefits of membership including: comradeship, teamwork and community spirit.

To contact the club you can email Fiona Hobbs –


A rip is a strong, localised, and narrow current of water which moves directly away from the shore, cutting through the lines of breaking waves like a river running out to sea, and is strongest near the surface of the water. Rip currents can be hazardous to people in the water.

Rips are complex, can quickly change shape and location and sometimes are difficult to see. Things to look out for are, deeper dark coloured water; fewer breaking waves; a rippled surface surrounded by smooth waters; anything floating out to sea or foamy, sandy, discoloured water flowing out beyond the waves.

There are many myths about the ocean. Many people think it’s just tourists and poor swimmers who get caught in rip currents. In fact, it’s young men aged 15-39 years who are most likely to die in rips. Rips are the number one hazard on Australian beaches. The best way to avoid a rip is to swim at a patrolled beach between the red and yellow flags.

If you find you are caught in a rip it is important you stay calm and consider your options.

•  If people are within sight, raise your arm and seek help.

•  Relax and float with the current as it may bring you back to shore.

•  Swim parallel to the shore OR towards breaking waves and use them to help you in.

•  Continually reassess your situation; if what you’re doing isn’t working try another option until rescued or you make it back to shore.