Copacabana Public School

A message from Mary Hunt – Principal

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School Cross Country

On Friday 29th April, Copacabana Public School held the annual Cross Country Carnival.  Congratulations to all our students for your outstanding participation and behaviour.   From our students who were gracious in victory and those who lost a shoe but kept running we are so very proud of your achievements! As a school, it was wonderful to see great sportsmanship, resilience and school spirit! A very big thank you to all the staff and especially to Mrs Robins and Mr Bragg for their organisation of the carnival.

Our Cross-Country team represented Copacabana Public School at the PSSA Zone Cross Country on May 20.

Moran Photography

On Monday 2nd May, Year 6 students participated in the Moran Photography Workshop learning about how to capture images using a variety of photographic techniques. The students explored birds’ eye view, ants’ eye view, rule of thirds, using lines to draw a focus and using different filters to create a more dramatic effect. All students were actively involved and enjoyed capturing images around the school and sharing their best work with each other. The students were then encouraged to pick their best five photos and were able to print them off and share with their families. The students are looking forward to having their favourite image displayed at the Five Lands Walk event later in June. Many students commented on how much they enjoyed the day and how they felt proud of their work and loved exploring a digital art form using the cameras.

Aboriginal Education Dance Group

On Monday 9th May, our Aboriginal students from Years 3-6 participated in the Tjudibaring local A.E.C.G. Dance Project which was held at Avoca Beach Public School. The students were given the opportunity to work with cultural leaders and choreographers to

learn about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Dance. They also listened to stories, participated in a group Art Project and had a walk through the Aboriginal garden to learn about the healing benefits of some of the plants. Our students had a fantastic day and enjoyed the opportunity to connect with students from the other participating schools. The children were asked to describe in one word how they felt about themselves after their day and here were some of their responses: Proud, Amazing, Awesome, Accomplished, Fantastic.

Netball School Cup

On Thursday 5th May, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Wilson took a Stage 3 and Stage 2 team to participate in the Netball NSW School Cup gala day at Adcock Park at West Gosford. All students played up to 6 games against other schools and all displayed outstanding sportsmanship. It was also great to see consistent improvements in the players’ netball skills throughout the day. We would also like to thank Briana Smith from Kincumber High School who assisted us with umpiring on the day and our amazing parents who assisted with transporting students to and from the venue and for always being a positive support on the side lines. Mrs Johnson and Mrs Wilson were extremely proud of our students as their behaviour was exceptional. Overall, a fun day was had by all!

Mother’s Day Spectacular Afternoon 


Thank you to our wonderful Mothers, Grandmothers, Nannas and special people in our children’s lives who attended the Mother’s Day Spectacular afternoon tea held on Friday, 6th May. It was so nice to see so many parents enjoying time with their children. As a school community, I thank you again for your ongoing support of our great school. Huge thanks go out to Mrs Sutton, Mrs McCarthy and the staff for their help at our Mother’s Day Spectacular and for making this magical afternoon happen.

Welcome Kindergarten - 2022


A very big welcome to all our new Kindergarten students and families, who started their educational journey at Copacabana Public School. Kindergarten kids are enjoying their new school routines and having lots of fun in the playground socialising with their new friends.  Thank you to Mrs Lucas and Mrs Walters for all your hard work in the lead-up to this very special event and for keeping a caring, nurturing, and watchful eye over our shooting stars to ensure they all left with a smile and eager to start the next school day.

Science and STEM


Copacabana Public School students are learning about the “Living World” in Science and STEM lessons.  Kindergarten enjoyed exploring our school and observed many living and non-living things. In the next few weeks, Kindergarten will be discussing in STEM and Science lessons what living things need to survive. Kindergarten also experienced the computer room and are working hard to log on by themselves as well as working towards good mouse control and getting familiar with the keyboard.

Stage 1 we learnt about how some living things may seem the same but can be very different. We read the story The Ugly Duckling and gained a better understanding of the differences between ducks and swans. Stage 2 had some great discussions in lessons about what living things need to allow them to survive and which living things could survive if tasked with inhabiting another planet. There were lots of discussions and interesting points raised by different students on what the ultimate five needs could be. Stage 3 have been looking at extreme environments and the living things that can survive in these harsh places.

Swimming Carnival


Congratulations to all the students who participated in our annual swimming carnival held at the Woy Woy Peninsula Swim Centre. It was wonderful to see the high levels of sporting spirit evident. The students really participated enthusiastically, supporting their team-mates throughout the day.

Congratulations to all the children who won their individual races or achieved a personal best. A heartful thank you to Mr Andrew Smyth and Mrs Annette Sutton for their excellent organisational skills and to all the staff for their assistance on the day.

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Sports in Schools Program


The children at Copacabana Public School are enjoying weekly tennis lessons as a part of the Sports in Schools Program. The children are learning the fundamental skills of tennis, footwork, groundstrokes, volleying, and teamwork. Thank you to Mr Mark Presdee for teaching tennis to our students.

Return to Face-to-Face Learning


All the teachers at Copacabana Public School would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our students on their successful return to school. It has been wonderful to see happy students interacting with their friends and their teachers in the playground and in classrooms. The school is once again a hive of activity.  We have already welcomed our Kindergarten 2022 students to Head Start for their first face-to face Kindergarten Orientation morning session.  How exciting!

World Teachers’ Day


World Teachers’ Day was celebrated on Friday 29th October. Teachers (with the wonderful support of our parents and carers) have ensured education continued across the country this year, despite major challenges due to COVID-19 lockdowns.  In many ways it has reinforced the significant role teachers play in the lives of our children and students, our families and communities. On behalf of the Copacabana Public School community, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Copacabana PS teachers and the amazing work they do each day. And thanks also to our wonderful Copacabana Public School P&C for your kind words of appreciation and beautiful cards to the staff.

Every year on the 11th November at 11am we observe a minute’s silence to remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Thank you, Mr Reid and the school leaders for your organisation of the school’s Remembrance Day service.

Remembrance Day


Every year on the 11th November at 11am we observe a minute’s silence to remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Thank you, Mr Reid and the school leaders for your organisation of the school’s Remembrance Day service.


Stage 3 classes have enjoyed participating in STEM challenges with Mrs Mumford over the past few weeks.  During STEM lessons, Stage 3 enjoyed making gratitude towers. Firstly, the students talked about the meaning of gratitude and shared their ideas. The students wrote down their thoughts on cards. Working collaboratively in small groups the students had to create the tallest free-standing gratitude tower using only 50 cards and 50cm of mask tape.

This challenge was then extended to creating a ‘gratitude skyscraper”. The students had to think about weight distribution to ensure that their skyscraper did not topple over! The challenge involved building a freestanding tower using 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, 50cm of masking tape, 50cm of string and one large marshmallow that had to be on the top of the tower.  The students enjoyed the challenge and were able to reflect and effectively evaluate their creative skills in building construction.

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Merry Christmas to all

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our entire school community - teachers, staff, students and families – a very happy Christmas and a well-deserved holiday season.

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Learning from Home


Over the past weeks I have seen incredible displays of compassion, empathy and resilience from all corners of our community.  It was lovely to touch base briefly with parents during the collection of Learning Packs over the past weeks. I was able to hear some great stories of learning and I thank you for your kind words of appreciation as we all go through these interesting times together.

I am very appreciative of our supportive school community as we continue to learn from home.  Teachers are seeing examples of amazing work being completed in many creative and innovative formats, uploaded on SeeSaw and through Google Classroom.  I truly value the enormous efforts from everyone as we continue to embrace learning from home.

Education Week


Copacabana Public School celebrated Education Week virtually 26-30 July 2021. Thank you to our amazing teachers for your Facebook presentations showcasing life-long learning skills and to Mrs Mumford for creating the Education Week slideshow presentation.

Throughout the term, I have enjoyed seeing the talented work of our students online. We are very proud of what we have achieved this year and celebrate the wonderful contribution of our teachers and parents in creating resilient, lifelong student learners.

Crazy Hair and Hat Day


On Friday, 13th August Copacabana students and staff participated in a Crazy Hair and Hat Day. A sea of creativity was evident from both school and home. It was great to see students participating in a fun filled day.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing creations, talents and fun filled spirit.

Stay safe and keep learning.

June 2021 - Mary Hunt Principal


We have welcomed students back for another great term of learning at Copacabana Public School. Term two is shaping up as another exciting term with quality teaching and learning occurring both inside and outside the classroom. We have many students representing our wonderful school and involved in the Central Coast Dance Festival, Star Struck, Central Coast Choral Festival rehearsals, debating challenges and
several sporting events. It was wonderful to see our Copacabana mums at our Mothers’ Day Spectacular.

STEM Group News

We have had a fun and busy first few weeks of Term 2 STEM. The highlights have been:

  • Creating vehicles to help Little Red Riding Hood get to grandmother’s house faster with Stage 1 and Early Stage 1.

  • Coding using Dashbots and Beebots and improving typing skills.

  • Completing a teamwork paper chain challenge. The winning paper chain by Lyla and Josie measured a whopping 7 metres!

  • Learning the art of drawing 3D objects with Splat 3D tools.

  • Using the Virtual Reality Googles and kit which we have on loan from the Department ofEducation (STEM T4L) to investigate different minds and visit different places.

In the next few weeks, we will be creating camouflage environments, doing more coding with our robotics and creating some unsinkable foil boats.

Kindergarten Enrolments 2022


We are now taking Enrolments for all students who are eligible to start school in 2022 in our Kindergarten classes. Children may be enrolled in Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on or before 31st July in that year. By law, all children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday. Online enrolment is now available.

We offer support and encourage you to complete your application to enrol online. The online enrolment can be accessed on our school website at:
https://copacabana-p. Or contact the school on 4382 1766.

March 2021 - Mary Hunt Principal

This year Copacabana Public School has started an exciting new STEM program for all students in Years K-6. STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM students develop key skills including: problem solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, independent thinking, initiative, communication and digital literacy. STEM empowers students with the skills to succeed and adapt to this changing world. Mrs Mumford and Mrs Johnson are teaching and leading the school’s STEM program this year.

During the first week of STEM groups, students put their engineering and science knowledge to the test, planning and completing tower and bridge builds.  Students in Stage One (Years 1 and 2) are looking at the picture book Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty.

Students in Stage two (Years 3 and 4) and Stage three (Years 5 and 6) worked in groups to create cup and craft stick towers. The students worked in teams to design their towers. It was a lot of fun designing, thinking and evaluating each tower.

Sports in Schools Program

The children at Copacabana Public School are enjoying weekly tennis lessons as a part of the Sports in Schools Program. The children are learning the fundamental skills of tennis, footwork, groundstrokes, volley and teamwork. Thank you, to Mr Mark Presdee for teaching tennis to our students.


Congratulations to Axl, Will and Josie who represented Copacabana Public School at the PSSA Zone Basketball trials.  Each student gave their best efforts and displayed a positive attitude throughout the trials.  Congratulations, to Will and Josie who were selected in the combined Southern Central Coast PSSA/ Brisbane Water PSSA zone team for basketball. They will now trial for the Sydney North PSSA team on 2nd March.

Welcome Kindergarten 2021

A very big welcome to all our new Kindergarten students and families, who started at Copacabana on Wednesday. Thank you to Mrs Bryson and Mrs Walters for all your hard work in the lead up to this very special event and for keeping a caring, nurturing and watchful eye over our shooting stars to ensure they all left with a smile and eager to start the next school day.

December 2020 – Mary Hunt, Principal

Remembrance Day

Every year on the 11th November at 11am we observe a minute’s silence in memory of all wars and armed conflicts and the people who have suffered or died. This year, students have learned more about the significance of this time in their classes.  The School Captains, Zoe and Archie addressed the assembly. Thank you, to our school prefects and library/tech monitors who assisted on the day. Thank you, to Mr Reid for your organisation. Lest We Forget.

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Copacabana Public School celebrated NAIDOC week through a variety of classroom and whole school activities.

NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) acknowledges and celebrates the fact that Australia’s Aboriginal people were spiritually connected to this land and occupied and cared for this land for over 65,000 years.

This year’s theme is ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’. Our students learnt about the origins of various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games and participated in various sports rotations.

In the afternoon, our Aboriginal students participated in an art workshop learning about the importance of connecting with the local environment and the significance of symbols in Aboriginal artworks.

1ML watched Archie Roach in a Virtual NAIDOC week celebration.  

Kindergarten/Year 1 Athletics Carnival

Kindergarten and Year 1 students participated in a modified athletics carnival at school. The purpose of the carnival was to teach students the skills and techniques required to compete in the athletics carnival in coming years.

The students had a great day and the teachers were so impressed by their effort and sportsmanship.

True Copa spirit was shown as the children were cheering their friends on in the running races and helping each other during the activities. 

Thank you to Mrs Bryson for all of her hard work organising the carnival and the dedication shown to provide the amazing opportunity for the K/1 students to shine. 

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Leagues Club Park

On Friday 30th October, our school captains Archie and Zoe joined Adam Crouch MP – Member for Terrigal and school leaders from Chertsey and Woodport schools to plant a tree at the new Leagues Club Field in Gosford.

We enjoyed a tour of the precinct and learnt that a key feature of the park will be a water-play area that connects to Brisbane Water and will rise and fall with the tide to expose beautiful sandstone animal islands.

We are looking forward to it opening.

Stage 3 Debating Team.

September 2020 – Mary Hunt, Principal

School Athletics Carnival – Tuesday 11 August

Every student tried their best and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. There were many great results and many close and exciting races. Well done to Summer who broke two records on the day – 12/13 Years Discus and Shot Put, an amazing result. Many thanks to all the teachers and admin staff for their help in the lead up to the day and on the day. Mrs Peta Mumford and Mrs Danielle Bryson, Athletics Carnival Convenors. 


Congratulations to our Stage 3 Debating Team!

Copacabana PS debating team participated in a debate via Zoom call against Umina Beach Public School. The team were given the topic: “That all tests should be banned in primary schools”.


The team had 1 hour to prepare their arguments as an affirmative team. Despite, some technical difficulties our school’s debating team presented many convincing arguments. The adjudicator ruled in our favour, giving us victory. Well done, Matilda, Pippa, Summer and Liam.

Central Coast Public Education Awards 2020

Each year, the NSW Department of Education acknowledges the outstanding contributions made by individuals to public schools across the Central Coast.


This year, I would like to congratulate Mr Michael Griffiths, Mrs Kirsten Walters, Mrs Linda Hartwell and Mr Mark Gunning on being nominated by the Copacabana PS staff to be the recipients of these awards. 


Michael Griffiths has been a fantastic president of our P&C for several years and has been supportive of many projects within the school. 


Kirsten Walter has been an outstanding manager of the school canteen, Seaside Snacks, providing healthy food choices for the children’s lunches. 


Linda Hartwell for her outstanding organisation of the uniform shop. 


Mark Gunning, our school cleaner, who does an amazing job keeping our school beautifully cleaned and always goes beyond the call of duty. 

June 2020

A message from Mary Hunt – Principal

Copa PS staff and the school community have been extremely busy adapting to the remote learning phase of the Covid 19 pandemic. Our terrific team has harnessed their creativity and resourcefulness to address many challenges over the past few months. During this time, computer technology has played a huge role in enabling our students to continue their education.

Copacabana Public School would like to sincerely thank the Copacabana Community Association, who have made a donation of $600 on behalf of CCA members to assist with the purchase of new learning equipment. We are so lucky to have such a supportive and generous community group. 

The funds will be put towards the purchase of a new laptop for the students to use during periods of remote learning.  When school returns to ‘normal’, it will continue to be used as a learning tool in the classroom. Thanks also to our staff, parents and students for their resilience and support over the past weeks. 


February 2020

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students who attended the Copacabana PS Swimming Carnival on Friday at Woy Woy Peninsula Leisure Centre. 

The level of participation was fantastic to see, as was the enormous talent displayed by our students. The day saw three records broken! 

A big thank you to our amazing parent volunteers, who gave up their time to be our lifeguards and assist in ensuring the safety of all swimmers.


The carnival would not have been possible without you! Also, thank you to carnival convenor, Mr Smyth, for all of his hard work behind the scenes getting the day organised. 


Lastly, thank you to the students, you made it such a great, fun day!

Kindergarten 2020

Welcome to all of our new Kindergarten students and their families. Thank you, to Mrs Bryson, Mrs Walters, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Price for all your hard work in the lead up to this very special event and for keeping a caring, nurturing and watchful eye over our shooting stars to ensure they all left with a smile and eager to start the next school day. 

Mary Hunt – Principal

New Principal at Copacabana Public School


It is with a great sense of honour that I introduce myself as the new Principal of Copacabana Public School. I am delighted and humbled to be offered the opportunity to lead this wonderful school community. Since arriving on November 11, I have enjoyed visiting classrooms, greeting the children in the morning and getting to know them and the staff and parents of our amazing school. I wish to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.


I have been a passionate educator for over 25 years having worked in rural and remote communities (Walgett, Broken Hill and Mildura areas) as an Assistant Principal and Teaching Principal. After spending 15 years living and teaching in remote and rural NSW schools, my husband Gavin and I moved to the beautiful Central Coast with our two sons. When we arrived to the Central Coast I was the Deputy Principal at Umina Beach Public School which is one of the largest primary schools on the coast. 


Over the past five years, I have worked as Principal at Valley View Public School where my focus has been on developing an inclusive and nurturing learning environment where all students are supported to become happy, healthy, life-long learners. I have worked across a diverse range of educational settings and I look forward to sharing my educational leadership knowledge, expertise and experiences with the staff and children.


New Principal Mary Hunt with School Captains Sam and Darcy.

As the old African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I look forward to working closely with students, staff and parents in the years to come to ensure that students receive the best possible educational journey at Copacabana Public School.


Mary Hunt – Principal


Diary Dates


Tuesday 10 Sept Wednesday 11 Sept Thursday 12 Sept 

Copa PS events keeping us busy – September 2019


The beginning of Term 3 has been very busy with two whole school events - the Athletics Carnival and Science Enrichment Day. Both were highly successful, thanks to the hard work of staff and the support of our parents. The Athletics Carnival was definitely a soggy affair but this did not seem to dampen the spirit of competitors, supporters or staff! The Science Enrichment Day provided all students with opportunities to participate in a range of highly engaging science and technology activities. 

Central Coast Public Education Week Awards

The Central Coast Public Education Week Awards are an annual event designed to recognise members of school communities who make outstanding contributions to public education. This year’s ceremony will be held on 20th August and Copacabana Public School’s recipients are Pat Sharpe, School Administration Manager and Mick Davis, the school’s General Assistant. We offer our congratulations to them both.

Copa PS students shine at Anzac Day Dawn Service


On Thursday April 25 several hundred people gathered at the flagpoles to participate in the Copa Anzac Day Dawn Service.  Numbers were well up on last year and on a perfect Autumn Day, the gentle waves of Copa provided a perfect backdrop to the solemn and moving occasion.  


It was wonderful to have students from Copa school attend, dressed proudly in their uniforms and playing a significant part in the ceremony. The Prayer of Remembrance was delivered perfectly by Summer Skahill; Sienna Strickland and Sam Jager read the very moving poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae and Sam Power and Darcy Strode laid a wreath on behalf of the school community.  At the beginning of Reveille, Cooper Hobbs and Kaiden McNamara helped raise the Aboriginal and Australian flags, a sombre and memorable moment. 


All the students behaved in a respectful and gracious manner and their parents, teachers and the whole community can be proud that this younger generation shows such a fine understanding of the proud traditions and significance of ANZAC day. We thank them and Vicki Woodham, Assistant Principal of Copa PS for their contribution in making this a very special occasion for all of us.

Diary Dates

JUNE 2019

Tuesday 11th June
P&C Meeting

JULY 2019

Monday 8th July
School holidays begin

Monday 22nd July

Back to school


Welcome to Kindergarten


The 2019 school year has begun with much enthusiasm from the students, their parents/carers and teachers alike. We have had a very busy time settling into school life and learning rules and routines. Not being able to do exactly what you want, when you want can take a bit of adjusting to…and that’s just the teachers!!! When we really stop to think about all the things we cram into a school year and look back on how far we come from the beginning to the end, it’s absolutely amazing.


Kindergarten is the year where so much growth is observed and those little vessels fill very quickly with so much information. It is a precious year too where a child’s innocence is observably priceless and the simplest things in life are nurtured, cherished and appreciated. From then on, life becomes just that little bit harder and tainted.

We are looking forward to an amazing year with our 39 little chickens and are absolutely chuffed with the brood. Considering that this year’s 2019 Kindergarten students will complete their HSC in 2031, it is timely for all of us to continue being innovative and maintain that forward thinking.


Ben Thomas – Principal


Congratulations Rory!

Congratulations to Rory Kearns, this year’s winner of the

Bonnie Hawkins Citizenship Award.  


We wish all CPS students happy holidays and Merry Christmas  



Fairwell to Year 6 2018


In just three weeks’ time, the Year 6 class of 2018 will walk out of their classroom at Copacabana PS for the last time. Like many Year 6 students before them, their primary school years will have come to an end. They will clear out their tote tray one last time, say their final goodbyes to classmates and teachers and walk through the famous ‘farewell tunnel’. The thought of finishing primary school and starting high school will no doubt evoke some mixed emotions of both nervousness and excitement. 

All our Year 6 students will be sadly missed at Copacabana PS. They have been an outstanding group of students who have helped make our school the wonderful place it is. 

We wish them all the best for high school and into the future and hope they cherish the time they spent at primary school. Be strong, look after yourself and your friends and remember, Effort Earns Success!  


Ben Thomas – Principal

Sporting House ‘Ross’ Triumphs at Athletics Carnival September 2018


Every year Copacabana Public School hold their annual Athletics Carnival. This year all the students, staff and families ventured down to Mingara Athletic Facilities for a fun filled day of Olympiad style competition. This is where the students have the opportunity to support their sporting house teams across a whole school focus whilst displaying their amazing athletic abilities. 

Students are divided into Sporting Houses at the time of their initial enrolment and the students support their house until leaving the school at the end of Year 6 by competing in and supporting different sporting and classroom activities. The four sporting houses are called White, Ross, Cullen and Chapman. These house names are named after early settlers to the Copacabana area. 

After researching local history from our school Library, we discovered how our sporting houses were named.


‘Chapman’ is named after early settlers to Copacabana, Roy and Ivo Chapman. They purchased 24 acres from the MacMasters Subdivision in 1920-23 on the north side of the lake (see photo to right). Clearing an area of bushland, they farmed beans together.


Later they purchased the adjoining 15 acres of land and a further 13 acres as a windbreak. Roy and Ivo cleared more of their land and had their own separate farms. The sporting house Chapman is symbolised by the students proudly wearing the colour yellow.  


‘Cullen’ and Cullen’s Road are named after an eccentric bachelor who lived on land that Charlie White purchased in 1904. The Chief Justice of NSW, Sir William Cullen paid Charlie White so that his brother (whose given name we are unable to confirm) could live there, ensuring he was kept out of public view. Members of the Cullen sporting house wear red.

‘White’ is named after the early settler, Charles White, who owned 240 acres on both sides of Cullen’s Road in 1904. His land went all the way up to and across Cape Three Points Road. Charles White planted pine trees. Naturally enough, White sporting house members wear white!


However, it is our sporting house ‘Ross’ that is the topic of our news story this edition and this sporting house we believe is named after Alec Ross. Alec purchased land that was originally owned by Charles White on Cullen’s Road in the 1920’s planting citrus trees and then successfully turning it into a banana plantation. Green is the colour worn by members of the sporting house Ross.


Despite a mixture of sunny, windy conditions, the Athletics Carnival was a great day with students giving 100% in all their events. The Copacabana Community Spirit soared high as usual with barbecues and helpers enthusiastically making it a great day. Congratulations to the sporting house ROSS a well-deserved victory by your team and an explosive array of the colour green as you supported your house with enthusiasm.